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Clean & Lean Transformation Programs

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Been a long year? Gained a few pounds? Let your good habits slip? Lost a bit of focus? Want to experience a real transformation? I can help. At my clients’ urging, I’ve put together a program to help you reset your body and mind. I call it: CLEAN & LEAN. It’s a program to help you lose weight, gain energy, balance your digestive health and feel great!

Knowledge empowers: I’ll provide solid information based on sound science to guide you in transforming your body and mind by developing, or re-establishing, healthier habits so you can make lasting, lifelong changes. I teach in a clear, easy to understand way, the ‘why' behind the recommendations so you’re more likely to develop and stick with your new habits. ts

Practical application is the key to success: I’ll help you discover and develop realistic ways to apply the CLEAN & LEAN approach to your life so you can shed pounds, charge your energy levels and unblock your path to true wellness.

Transformation is a process not an event: having personal and group support are key to success. Fact is, you are much more likely to make lasting, lifelong changes if you have support. I’ll help you rid yourself of misconceptions, shift perceptions and develop new healthier habits as you make your transformation to a cleaner & leaner you.

Video Topics: Each week you’ll have a handout and brief video on specific health topics

  1. Myth busting; diet and lifestyle practices … defining what healthy means

  2. Mindset and health: how perception is key to transformation - tips and tricks to break out of rigid beliefs, and stress management techniques as a tool for health and weight loss

  3. Goal Setting and Success

  4. Weight loss and management 101: understand how the body actually works and break free of yoyo weight gain/loss and dieting for good!

  5. Changes and Aging: what, why, and how we have to adjust as we move through life

  6. The Gut and Microbiome: the center of our health universe

  7. Thyroid Health; facts you need to know

  8. Brain health: supporting our brain, nervous system and mood

  9. Whole Foods eating: learn how to create an eating plan that's right for you

Q: I’m ready to transform, how do I register for CLEAN & LEAN?

A: Contact me directly -

*If you’d like to schedule a free consult call to see if the program is right for you, just email me to set up a time

BIO: Dr. Darlene Easton DACM, CNS, L.Ac has over 25 years of clinical experience helping people transform their health and their perspective of a wellness lifestyle.

Dr. Easton served as an associate professor for over 20 years, teaching traditional herbal medicine, dietary therapy and acupuncture and has more than 15 advanced training certificates from the prestigious Zhejiang University hospital in China

Dr. Easton has vast knowledge and experience in helping people achieve a healthier mind and body and has now has dedicated herself exclusively to teaching and guiding everyone on that journey toward their best selves.

Go to for my full story

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