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Body Reset Program

Step into your Transformation and Discover "Healthy"

We've all experienced the symptoms of suboptimal health. Weight issues, cravings, fatigue, stress, anxiety, poor mental focus, sleep problems and moodiness can have a real impact on your quality of life.


Perhaps you've received a diagnosis & filled multiple prescriptions. Maybe you even had a procedure. Yet the symptoms persist or new problems arise.  Sometimes the tests are "normal" and you're told that there is nothing wrong and there's nothing to do. Even when you receive a clear diagnosis and follow the treatment plan, the results are not great: something is "still off". Frustration is common especially when there seems to be no answers. But there is a different approach...

Now you can learn how to take charge of your health & create true wellbeing with simple, science based, surprise, these techniques are rooted in

traditional health practices. ​

With over 25 years of clinical and teaching experience, I will guide and mentor you through your own personal and profound transformation. You will see symptoms resolve and a new sense of vitality, focus, balance and calm emerge! This is not magic, rather it is precisely the way you were intended to experience life! It's all there waiting for you, let me show you how ...

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Through diet, lifestyle and supplement support, it is possible to improve these area of life...

  • Digestive health

  • Chronic headaches 

  • Energy levels

  • Immune system

  • Weight management

  • General Joint health

  • Sleep quality

  • Inflammatory patterns

  • Mood

  • and more...

Collection of Herbs
Online Courses:
Join the Tribe

Body Reset: a powerful 6-week program designed to reset your system so you can look and feel great!


The unique learning component teaches you habits & skills for lifelong health. 

 Click here for a detailed description.

One on One Consults & Packages

Personal Mentoring: let me help you uncover the root causes and successfully address your health concerns through expert assessment and individualized guidance. 

Click here to contact me. 

There is another way...

What's wrong with me? Why don't I feel well? These are common questions and it can feel confusing & overwhelming when you don't understand what is happening in your own body. Often it's not even clear exactly when the problems began. Whether you're experiencing a specific symptom or, more complex issues, it's likely due to multiple factors. Our health is an amalgam of our habits, behaviors and beliefs.   


The problem, in part, is that the root of your health issue has never been addressed. There is NO MAGIC medicine, pill or procedure that can outsmart a lifestyle out of balance. Once you address the factors that truly determine your health and reset your body's systems, wellbeing can emerge! 

YOU CAN TRANSFORM! Let Easton Health show you how...

The Whole Life Approach

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The fact is that optimal health requires more than just "the right" diet, an exercise program or a bunch of supplements. True wellness is born out of a lifestyle that involves knowledge, reliable information, skills, motivation and good habits in several key areas. 

 Paying attention to one’s diet, creating a healthy lifestyle and staying conscious of one's mindset are the key principles of the "wholistic approach" that has been successfully practiced for thousands of years. 

My education, clinical experience and skills are in deciphering the root cause of your health issues using a "wholistic lens" and then teaching you how to correct and/or manage it. This method makes sense of your symptoms and connects the dots between what may seem to be separate issues. The fact is that the body is a unified whole and must be viewed and treated as such. It is all connected!

Easton Health offers a variety of online courses, personalized one on one services and packages designed to meet your needs resolve your symptoms so you can reclaim your vitality and create true wellness .. Email me to schedule your FREE, 15min-consult to determine what works best for you! For your convenience, all services are offered via Telehealth visits.

Elder woman and her caretaker

About Easton Health: Nutrition, Herbal & More

The mission behind Easton Health is a genuine desire to help individuals identify and achieve their personal 

health goals using a natural and whole approach. 

Whether you’re seeking help with specific health concerns, disease prevention, or wish to transform & optimize your health, you will be individually evaluated and provided with a well-researched, personalized comprehensive plan.   .

Easton Health is committed to helping  you learn and develop the skills necessary to achieve results. 


So get in touch and learn more about how you can start building your healthier lifestyle and step into your transformation!


FSA & HSA may be applied: check with your provider

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