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Personal Consultation 

Whether you are seeking advice on which supplements are right for you or, have a health concern that requires more extensive support, there is a plan for you. All Easton Health consults and programs are individualized and tailored to meet your needs and goals. Our mission is to help you reclaim your health using a whole, natural approach designed exclusively for you! 

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Dr. Easton DACM, CNS, L.Ac has been an educator and clinical professional, teaching and working with students and patients for more than 25 years. Her approach is clear: consider all aspects of a person and their life, understand them deeply: how they live, think and feel. Then gather all information, regardless of how small the detail may seem, and assess everything in light of their health status and goals. This IS a whole person approach and aims to identify how, why and in what context, the health issue is occurring. This does not exclude other medical care rather, it helps promote the body's healing process regardless of the diagnosis and treatment approach

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