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Easiest Seedy Crackers

Updated: May 25


· 1/2 cup sesame seeds

· 1/2 cup pumpkin seeds

· 1/2 cup sunflower seeds

· 1/2 cup chia seeds

· 2 Tablespoons ground flax seeds

· 1/2 teaspoon salt

· 1-3 teaspoons fine powdered herb/seasoning (eg. onion, garlic powder, cajun seasoning etc. You can mix and match a teaspoon of several) OR 2-3 teaspoons dried flake type herbs (e.g.dried Italian seasoning, thyme, oregano, dill etc. amount depends on your preference and flavor power of the dried herbs)

· 1 cup plus 4 Tbls hot water (boil then let stand and cool for 5 -10 minutes)

· Parchment paper and baking sheets.

OPTIONAL INGREDIENTS TO MAKE YOUR SEED CRACKERS EXTRA CRUNCHY (I love this addition as it makes these crackers extra savory and crisp)

  • 1/2 cup arrowroot (available in most health sections of grocer or baking section)

  • 1/4 cup quality olive oil.

  • NOTE: arrowroot is naturally gluten free and is derived from the roots of the Maranta Arundinacea plant. As a bonus, arrowroot is a good source of protein and is high in Folate (B9). Arrowroot is also high in fiber and low in calories and will not significantly impact insulin levels.


  1. Heat oven to 275 degrees

2. Combine all seeds, salt and seasoning (and arrowroot if using) and mix to blend. Add water (and olive oil if using) and blend. Mixture will be wet and runny at first but will thicken as it stands, thanks to the Chia and Flax which bulk up and act as a binding agent. Allow mixture to set and thicken for about 15-20 minutes: stirring 1-2 times between.

3. Place parchment paper on a large baking sheets and spread mixture to a thin layer of 1/4 inch. Fill in any holes by borrowing from the edge and gently pressing into any gaps.

4. Bake at 275 degree oven for 60 minutes.

5. Remove from oven and gently turn cracker sheet (see method suggestion below).

6. At this point you may score the cracker sheet with a knife or pizza roller if you like uniform shape crackers. An optional method is to just break the cracker sheet into rustic style pieces when they're done...up to you.

7. Once they are turned, bake for an additional 45-75 mins.

Turning method: You can place another sheet of parchement paper over the cracker sheet and then with protected hands, cover with a second baking sheet of the same size (or bigger). With protected hands, lift the "sandwhiched" baking sheets and flip the cracker sheet over onto the top baking sheet so that the underside is now exposed. The underside will still be moist and responsive to scoring if you choose. If you are not scoring, place back in oven and bake for the additional time indicated above. When they are done, simply break them up into rustic style pieces.

Tips: You will know they are done when they turn golden. You can also break off a small piece and test for crunch. You may also turn oven off and leave crackers up to an additional 30-60minutes and they will continue to crisp up without burning (the oven is off at this point). These keep fresh and delicious in an airtight container for up to a week.

These crackers are a fantastic grab n go snack, can be used as a base for spreads like humus or guacamole or as a cracker for Canapé type food / hors d'oeuvres.

Store crackers up to 10 days in an airtight container (if they last that long). No need to refridgerate.

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