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Are Your Supplements Farm Fresh?

You can now create a patient direct account through Standard Process Whole Foods Nutrition. Standard Process is a leader in high quality organic whole food & herbal products most of which is grown right on their farms in Palmyra Wisconsin. The company, founded in 1929, has been committed to making premium nutritional supplements and educating practitioners and patients on the importance of whole foods for nearly 100 years. What was just common sense in 1929 is now the center of today's health movement toward a whole food, plant based diet. I first discovered Standard Process when I began teaching herbal medicine and nutrition back in 1998, I was impressed. Over the years, I've attended their educational conferences and even presented on the role of herbal medicine on the microbiome. I believe in what this company is doing and am proud to offer their products to my patients. Now, they are making it easy for me and for you...

The online patient portal is simple to use, order processing is quick and delivery is right to your door. You can register by using the link below. I will then get an email notification to approve your application. We would then set up an online consult to determine a supplement protocol that is right for you. A list of products would then become available to you on your portal for easy ordering. It's not only simple but it's good for you!!! I hope you take advantage of this offer.

To get started, visit the link below:

Posted with love,

Dr. Darlene DACM, CNS, L.Ac

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