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Some Thoughts About Food: Things you May Not Know.

A branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine utilizes food as medicine. However rather than breaking a substance down into its macronutrient components such as protein, fat and carbohydrates, this system assesses foods based on different factors. That which we eat is actually considered as signals as much as substances; a way to communicate with the body. Considerations include: flavor, temperature, energetic movement and channel tropism. A skilled practitioner can help a person match his or her individual needs to the therapeutic value of specific foods and food combinations (aka recipes). These are the guiding principles of Eastern Dietary therapy and allows each person to make determinations as to what foods are most suited to his/her health needs. In the Western world, information and knowledge around food and nutrition are constantly changing. Facts we once believed to be true have been scientifically shown as false. For example, once upon a time there was “a fat phobia” when many people believed that all dietary fat was bad. The notion is still popular that all calories are equal, and that calories in/calories out is the only way to maintain or lose weight. Some people may even still believe that eggs raise cholesterol, that sugar free products will keep us trim or, that we must drink milk to keep our bones strong. To those myths, Easton Health brings the latest research based facts to the table, to help people understand how food impacts their bodies and minds. I’ll help you learn ways to improve your diet and habits so as to truly nourish life. Knowledge is power it’s true but, information must reliable, time tested and proven effective to truly be knowledge!

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